Book Review: Buried

Buried by Mark Billingham: not the most gripping of books, but not the worst of his I’ve read either. Billingham seems to have a problem with tying loose ends together, and with reconciling different parts of a story at its conclusion; this is obviously quite a problem with crime fiction, which often relies heavily on intricacies of the storyline coming together to form a thrilling and surprising twist that leaves the reader desperate for more. Or good crime fiction does, anyway.

In Buried, a child is kidnapped, but no ransom is demanded. Everything gets very messy as detectives start searching for clues; relationships are complex, but their level of complexity isn’t reflected in the writing, which is childish and superficial. The ending isn’t so much a surprise as a confused mess of tangled wires.

All in all, it’s bearable, but don’t read it if there’s anything better on your shelves.

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