Book Review: Detour

I bought Detour by James Siegel for one reason, and one reason alone: the cover. On the front, in smaller type, above the title, were the words: ‘Despite what you think, it can happen. It can. It can even happen to you.’ Personally, I think people spend far too much time assuming things can’t possibly happen to them, or assuming that because they haven’t experienced them, they must be impossible. To read a dismissal of this as soon as I picked up the book was reason enough for me to buy it and take it home.

The story itself was fast-paced and intriguing. I’d worked out whodunnit, as it were, before the halfway mark, but that didn’t seem to matter. I cared about the characters, I cared about what happened to them, and I wanted to know more. Fairly gripping, certainly interesting, worth a recommendation.

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