Book Review: Past Imperfect

Any book that manages to span thirty years and three countries without becoming too confusing to read impresses me by default. Past Imperfect does this and more, with Matthews’ skill as a writer shining through time and again throughout the book.

Two young boys, born thirty years apart, are caught up in events that involve the police and psychiatrists respectively. One boy loses his parents in a car accident; the other is killed by a man who goes on to have a successful career in politics. The first half of the book is gripping, well-written and definitely worth a read. The second half veers a little too far into the unlikely for my taste, though it’s still pretty readable. Matthews tackles a subject many writers would shy away from; but there are reasons for them doing so, and the book ultimately feels like one big tome of unlikeliness. Still worth a read if you’re bored.

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