Book Review: Die for Me

Everyone knows that someone who is absolutely devoted to their work is probably at least a little bit unhinged. This is often seen as a good thing – a kind of artistic charm, when people are so ‘in the zone’ that they forget to eat, sleep, shave; when they end up with that confused professor look. But sometimes obsession can go very, very wrong…

Die For Me by Karen Rose is a crime novel, and so, inevitably, people are being killed and we don’t know why or by whom. At the same time, a gaming company has hired a promising new designer whose death scenes are more frighteningly realistic than any they have had before. See where this is going?

It was an alright book, but working out who the killer was will be incredibly easy for anyone who has ever read anything – so easy, in fact, that I thought I might have got it wrong just because no storyline could possibly be that obvious. But it was. Read this book if you find it, but only if there’s nothing else on your shelf.

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