Book Review: The Robotic Tales

The Robotic Tales by Natalie Igharo is, in a word, astonishing. The author was thirteen years old when she wrote it, and it’s a self-published work, but it’s far, far better than the majority of self-published books people send me for review. A few months ago, a friend-of-a-friend sent me three books he’d self-published, and none of them even came close to being as good as Igharo’s work.

The story is gripping, the characterisation is fantastic, the depth of knowledge is excellent. The story takes place years into the future, when robots live alongside humans in peace… until Klikko the rebel robot comes along. Klikko instigates an uprising of robots who wish to kill all humans, and begins a war that threatens the future of the human race. The only people who are able to stop him are a group of child agents hired by the mysterious spy agency F. – but will they manage to do it in time? You’ll have to read the book to find out…

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