It has been far too long since my last book review. The main reason I don’t post is because I read so much: at least a book a day, often two. Because I spend so much time reading, I rarely have the time to write about what I’ve read. This is something I need to rectify. Perhaps by creating more hours in the day.

The first book for today: A Life In Pieces by Richard Baer. A stunning and beautiful account of a woman’s journey through dissociative identity disorder, with the help of her dedicated and excellent psychiatrist. It begins with the woman’s total lack of awareness of her alter egos, and the gradual realisation that she is not one but many. Once she has become aware of who she is (or rather, of all the whos she is), she must work towards integrating all her personalities to form a whole self.

The book is wonderfully written, and is unusual in that often such accounts are written from the point of view of the patient, which of course works very well, but it was intriguing to see how the subject appears to the psychologist conducting the treatment. DID is a rare disorder, one with which very few psychologists have had to deal, and this only makes it all the more difficult and exciting for Dr. Baer.

A fantastic book, definitely worth reading if you’re interested in psychology.

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