Book Review: Out

My sister-in-law did well on the Christmas present front this year. Not only did she buy me Persepolis, which made it to #1 on my ‘top thirteen books of 2010’ list, she also gave me Out by Natsuo Kirino, which was really, really good. (“Ooo look,” I said to Husband when I unwrapped it, “there’s a girl with a knife on the cover!”)

A woman kills her abusive husband in a fit of rage, then enlists the help of her friends to dispose of the body. Cue in-depth description of butcheresque dismemberment. Of course, the local unsavoury characters get wind of the women’s ability to take people apart and dispose of their bodies, and offer them a large sum of money to get rid of future evidence. The women accept, and the story unfolds in waves of nausea. In a good way. If you like reading gory details of people being chopped up, you’ll like it, but it’s more than just a book for the hardcore horror fan. It’s actually very nicely written, and the relationships between the characters are played out subtly and realistically. I’d recommend it for anyone who isn’t too faint of heart.

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