Book Review: Remember Me

Mary Higgins Clark is often referred to as the Queen of Suspense, and for a very good reason: she’s downright amazing.

Remember Me does not disappoint. One of Higgins Clark’s most interesting literary habits is the interweaving of a couple of different storylines within the same book; ones which may or may not be relevant to each other. Remember Me is the story of Menley and Adam, whose son Bobby died two years previously. They head with their baby daughter Hannah to the Cape where Adam spent his childhood, intending to buy a summerhouse. But Menley is still having flashbacks about Bobby’s death, and moving into Remember House only seems to make them worse. Adam turns to his friends, asking them to keep an eye on Menley, who understandably resents the intrusion.

Around the same time as the two move in, a young recently-married woman is drowned at sea, and her distraught husband finds himself the subject of investigation by a police officer with a hunch. Adam’s best friend, Elaine, sticks up for the widower, and Adam agrees to defend him in court. Gradually Menley begins to resent Adam’s friendship with Elaine, who is about to be married to a man whose 18-year-old stepdaughter is also Menley’s babysitter. Menley and the girl become friends, and gradually the story is woven together in the way only Higgins Clark can do it: beautifully, gently, constantly building tension until the climax, which is a classic Higgins Clark ending. Definitely recommended.

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