Book Review: Sex Slaves

Sex Slaves: The Trafficking of Women in Asia is a well-written and informative book focusing on a difficult subject. Louise Brown has studied sex trafficking in various continents, but decided to focus on Asia for this book to highlight the strong links between desperate poverty and the enforced prostitution of women and children.

Sympathetically written, the book still manages to take on a no-nonsense tone; there isn’t too much focus on the ‘Oh how terrible’; more on the ‘This is what happens and this is what needs to happen’, which I liked. I often find it irritating when people spend lots of time sitting around talking about how awful something is but refusing to think about what they could possibly do to help. Brown is very honest in her reflections about her book; towards the end, she recounts conversations with Asian prostitutes who ask how her book is going to help them and their children. She knows it won’t, she says, but by raising awareness she might be able to start (or add to) a process that will help future generations.

Open, honest, well-researched and worth reading.

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