Book Review: Sister

A woman dies, the police rule it a suicide. Her sister won’t believe she’s killed herself and drives herself half-crazy trying to prove that she was murdered. Of course she’s right; I’d say I’m sorry for giving it away, but the ending of the book is so obvious from the first few pages that there’s really no way of spoiling it.

The book opens with the words “Dearest Tess”. This immediately made me think I’d hate it. It was a bit saccharine and evidently Lupton is convinced she’s the reincarnation of Jane Austen. Sadly, she’s not as good a writer as Austen. Having said that, after the first few chapters I started getting into the story, which was quite enjoyable, if not the best thing I’ve read.

By the final couple of chapters, I’d decided to give it a good review, because I’d basically enjoyed it. And then I arrived at the ending, and I rethought my decision. It’s one of those endings that’s so clichéd you’d think no one would actually write it.

Don’t bother reading it, there’s far better stuff out there.

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