Book Review: The Satanic Bible

A necessary book for anyone who’s interested in ‘The Left-Hand Path’, The Satanic Bible was actually far more balanced and far less controversial than I imagined it would be. It’s very easy to imagine Satanism as a ‘way-out’ path, even if you’re the kind of person who tries not to judge others’ religions.

The Satanic Bible puts paid to that. Intelligent, interesting and well-written, it argues the point of Satanism in a way that makes it difficult to refute. The first half of the book in particular is very persuasive; many of the points put forward just… well… make sense. The second half of the book is more what I expected from the whole thing: a Satanic grimoire, with explanations of rituals, invocations and so on. Still, it certainly doesn’t come across as being any more controversial than your average grimoire, and makes more sense than many of them.

Definitely recommended if you’re curious, or if you’re interested in looking at what an anti-religious religion might be like.

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