Book Review: Twilight, True Love And You

As with very few other books I’ve read, Twilight, True Love And You presented a pleasant surprise. I expected (from the title and blurb about ‘finding your true love’) that it might be a bit sickening to someone who hated Twilight on sight, is completely cynical when it comes to romance and despaired of her teenage friends when they dreamed about weddings and beautiful lives with future husbands.

It isn’t like that, though. It isn’t a simpering, irritating tale of girls with no personality falling for lovely men. It’s a down-to-earth, realistic foray into human relationships.

It talks about why Bella falls for Jacob and Edward – even if, like me, you haven’t read Twilight, this will all make sense to you – and tells you how you can avoid the same pitfalls without sacrificing your chance at a relationship. The seven steps to finding your true love which Deacon advertises on the back cover are pieces of very sensible advice from a lady who evidently has her head screwed on.

If you’re always falling for the simmering, dangerous type and ending up in trouble, it’ll give you some pointers as to why you do it and how to avoid it. Likewise if you go for spineless types and end up feeling like their mother, you’ll find some pretty good advice within the pages of this book.

Definitely recommended for young adults, especially those with imaginative ideas about romance.

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