Jane Green is the only chick lit author I consistently like. Occasionally I can bear reading a book by someone else who writes this genre of novel, but often I find them simpering and overly romantic. Jane Green has a sense of humour, which helps; she is also very skilled at capturing human emotions and relationships in a realistic way.

The Love Verb is about a vegan chef who hasn’t been able to settle down. Her relationships, her jobs and her living arrangements are all very changeable, and her family despair every time she tells them she’s dumped her boyfriend/quit her job/left her apartment. A new opportunity arises for her in the middle of the countryside, and unsurprisingly she dumps everything and moves to a place she’s never been before to try her hand at… well, she’s not quite sure. But she’ll work it out. While she’s there, her sister gets cancer and the whole family rallies round to support each other. It’s a long and very emotional journey with a bittersweet ending.

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