Movie Review: Alice In Wonderland

As is the case with many people, I like Tim Burton. I like Helena Bonham-Carter, and I love Johnny Depp. I don’t mind Anne Hathaway. Unfortunately, this particular film also features Matt Lucas – two of him, no less – but luckily, he’s not around so much.

Anyway, last night Husband and I settled down with some pizza and watched Alice In Wonderland. The verdict? Hmm. He liked it, I thought it was alright. I found it difficult to understand what the characters were saying a lot of the time. I found much of it overacted, and a bit too… well, childish, I suppose. Considering that it’s a children’s film, I shouldn’t really have been surprised, but at the moment I feel like every new Burton movie I see is a little bit more of a disappointment than the last one. Sure, it could have been worse; I don’t feel like I’ve lost an evening of my life, or anything. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it again.

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