The other day, we went to see Avatar. Husband didn’t enjoy it, for reasons detailed in his blog; I thought it was basically alright, but a bit… Pocahontas. The plotline can be entirely summed up by the following synopsis which is currently floating around the internet:

…and it was, as Husband pointed out, overly sentimental. It was worth seeing, however, purely for the graphical aspect. Frankly, there could have been no plotline at all and it probably still would have been worth watching. The design was beautiful, even if it did at times make me think I’d been on the mushrooms. I was grateful for the interspersion with the grey army base; otherwise I think the overload of bright colours might have gone to my head.

If you want to see it, I’d recommend 3D. I saw it in ‘normal’, and it was beautiful. I can only imagine that in 3D it would be absolutely breathtaking; and since the graphic design is the only reason to go and see it, it’s worth getting as much as possible out of that particular aspect of the movie.

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