Movie Review: Black Swan

I had heard so many great things about this movie that I felt like I had to go and see it. My friends, my colleagues, critics whose reviews I read were all raving about it. Apparently, it was a deep, dark, suspenseful movie about a dancer’s descent into madness. Sounds like just my cup of tea.

Well. I must have been watching a different film, because the one I saw was full of wooden acting, had a plot that verged into the ridiculous, and was basically completely unbelievable. About half the cinema left during the first thirty minutes.

Portman was Keanu-esque in her total lack of emotion. The plot was weak and shallow. I took nothing away from the film other than a sense of having lost a couple of hours.

And then I went to my in-laws’ place at the weekend and watched The Red Shoes, and I thought, yes. Now there’s a film about a dancer getting a bit obsessed and feeling like she’s going crazy. Black Swan really didn’t pull it off. Utterly awful. Don’t waste your time or your money on it.

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