The other day, we trekked to the video shop, ostensibly to buy some popcorn. Perusing the popcorn shelves, we were distracted by the wide range of DVDs on offer. “Aha!” I exclaimed at Husband with a flash of genius, “That’s their ploy! They sell popcorn, you come in here to buy some popcorn, and while you’re here, you see they have this huge stack of DVDs!” Husband looked at me like I’d said something a bit silly.

Anyway, we proceeded to try out their 4-for-£10 offer, which is always difficult as we can rarely find four films we both want to watch. “Megashark vs. Giant Octopus!”, I exclaim. “Look! Gory horror!” Husband gives me his long-suffering look. We keep browsing.

A while later, we’ve picked four films. One of my choices: Coraline. I don’t like children’s movies. I don’t particularly like animated movies, most of the time. But I like Neil Gaiman, I loved the book, I think Dakota Fanning is fantastic, and I’ve heard such wonderful things about it that I decided it might be worth watching.

It was. Husband seemed to enjoy it more than I did; I found it hard to get past my ‘she’s an annoying child’ thoughts, which tend to be applied to the vast majority of children. Still, the graphics were beautiful, the characters were – in the main part – likeable, and the film was very well put together. I think it’s worth watching if you find it in the video shop, but I wouldn’t go out and buy it. Having said that, I think it’d be a fantastic kids’ movie, and a great sidetrack from all the rubbish out there.

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