As can be expected of anything with three exclamation marks in the title, this was a strange film. The blurb told us it was about three female drag racers who get themselves caught up in a murder scene; actually, it was more like barely-disguised porn, but quite amusing all the same.

Three women prancing around with not much on, rolling around in the sand catfighting, then driving their cars very very fast through the desert, meet a fourth woman with her boyfriend. (I say ‘woman’; the fourth one looks about twelve.) The boyfriend is killed by one of the driving women, who then kidnap the girl and roar off across the desert, eventually stumbling upon a dirty old man who lives with his two sons: one who has the mental age of a small child but is incredibly strong, the other less hunky but more intelligent. Inevitably all sorts of exciting things happen, lots of people end up dead and it all comes to a strange and relatively unsatisfying conclusion.

As plotlines go, it’s not the best. It’s a really strange film, but I’d almost recommend it, just because it’s probably one of those things you should see at some point, if only for a bit of a laugh.

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