We watched Latcho Drom last night, with the accompaniment of wine. I’m still unsure what my feelings were, though ultimately it was certainly a good movie. The thoughts I had throughout were short and fractured, and went something like this:

  • ‘Oh dear. Husband doesn’t speak Romani. Are there subtitles?’
  • ‘Oh good, there are.’
  • ‘Wait, they’ve gone. But they’re singing. This is nice. I like this music.’
  • ‘They’re still singing. I don’t understand. What’s happening?’
  • ‘Oh right. They’re going to sing through the film. I see.’
  • ‘Seriously though, what’s going on with the subtitles?’
  • ‘Hang on a second, that’s not Romani anymore.’
…and so on. The subtitles were strange and sporadically-placed, which made for an interesting journey. Essentially, the film tells the story of the Gypsy people, who left India many centuries ago and have been travelling throughout Eurasia ever since. It is, essentially, a musical, though in calling it that I feel like I’m downgrading it. Once I got into the swing of it, I really enjoyed it, but it’ll take a while to fit your brain into the film’s structure. Or perhaps I’ve just watched too many gorjo movies. Definitely recommended though!

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