Movie Review: Practical Magic

Practical Magic, unlike The Craft which I blogged about earlier, was really quite irritating. I nearly turned it off in a few places, but ended up watching it all the way through, mainly because I was lying in bed and couldn’t be bothered to move, and also because Sandra Bullock before her hair was straightened and her nose seemed to become thinner was rather beautiful.

I think the thing that most annoyed me about this one was that it had such potential. It could have been a really beautiful movie about a group of people who believe they are cursed and end up finding the power to combat it; it could have drawn parallels with the struggles of many, and vast groups of people could have related to it. Instead, it focused on some over-exaggeratedly insane witchy spinster aunts raising two girls who both turned out a bit strange, there was very little room for the character relationships to actually be explored, and the whole thing came to a very unconvincing and ridiculous climax.

I got the feeling that the production team hadn’t quite decided what kind of movie they wanted to make: a film about the rise of the underdog, about witchcraft, about family, about zombies, a love film… it could have been any or all of those things, but instead it was essentially none of them. Or bits of them, done badly. Hmmm.

Anyway, if you’re looking for movies about witches, do yourself a favour and watch The Craft instead of this one, unless you’re just desperate for some Bullock/Kidman scenes.

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