Movie Review: The Fourth Kind

The Fourth Kind was a strange movie. I have a policy with most things; books, movies, conversations; that during the course of the thing taking place, I believe everything that happens in it, otherwise it’s no fun. Once it’s over, I’ll perhaps take a look around and work out whether I actually agree with anything that’s been seen, said or read.

I therefore approached The Fourth Kind knowing only what I’d seen in the advert: based on a true story, containing real, never-before-seen footage, etc. And you know what? I nearly believed it. Until the scene where a man shot his wife and children. At that point, I thought, I’m sure it’s illegal to show actual footage of people being shot to death like that. Turns out I was right. If it hadn’t been for that scene, however, I might have managed to believe in the ‘real life footage’. It’s a shame.

It was a good film. Relatively gripping. Not too alien-heavy. But ultimately, it suffers from the fact that a couple of the ‘real’ scenes are too fake. Worth watching if you like horror movies, or aliens, or films that try and fail to deceive you.

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