Movie Review: The Informant

A strange film, marred before we even pressed play by the fact that Matt Damon was in it. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing in particular against the man, it’s just that I’ve watched Team America. And therefore, I find it impossible to look at his name without thinking “Maaaatt Daaammmooooonnn…”

Another reason I nearly didn’t bring it home: the exclamation mark in the title. So unnecessary.

The Informant doesn’t have a storyline. This is one of the main problems. Having said that, the point of the film is that it doesn’t have a storyline. It’s essentially (spoiler alert) the story of a compulsive liar; an interesting idea, but one that means you’re never sure where the story is heading and which parts of it you’re meant to believe.

As an idea, it could have worked. As a reality, it didn’t.

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