Movie Review: The Last Exorcism

I was pretty convinced that I wouldn’t like this movie when it first started playing. It’s made in a documentary style; young preacher guy has spent his life as a trained exorcist, loses faith, wants to show that actually the whole exorcism malarkey is a load of bullshit. He takes a camera crew on the road and goes to perform his final exorcism.

Down a long dirt track at a creepy farm in the middle of nowhere (of course), he finds a strange teenage girl (of course), and proceeds to perform his exorcism. The unusual part at this point is that he shows the cameras how he’s setting it up: taped ‘demon noises’ that he plays at opportune moments, bits of invisible string that he uses to jerk pictures and bedframes around, and so on. He performs his exorcism, gets paid and leaves with his crew. But all is not quite as it seems…

Needless to say, the girl’s behaviour doesn’t get any better, and the reverend soon finds himself back at creepy central with his crew. As exorcism movies go, it’s actually pretty good at ranking up the tension, and whilst the ending isn’t the most surprising thing I’ve seen, it’s quite disturbing.

Everything you could want from an exorcism movie. Better than The Exorcist, possibly as good as The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

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