Movie Review: The Narnia Movies

I watched a couple of them at the weekend, slumped on my in-laws’ sofa with a glass or six of homemade wine. Husband didn’t much like the films. I didn’t mind them. They didn’t murder Narnia the way The Golden Compass (unaffectionately known in our house as ‘The Golden Shitfuck’) murdered His Dark Materials.

The main thing I noticed was that all the characters looked remarkably similar. There was a lack of blonde people, black people, Asian people… any people without mousy brown hair and white skin, in fact. I found it a bit disconcerting. It also seemed to overly push the Christian angle. Sure, if you read the books, you realise pretty quickly that Aslan is a god/Jesus figure, but I felt during the film like I was lying spread-eagled on the table of Aslan having a Bible shoved down my throat.

All in all: the films were OK. Relatively interesting. I didn’t want to kill myself. But I’d rather read the books.

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