Book Review: A Sourcebook on Child Sexual Abuse

This book was never exactly going to be a comfortable read, but it’s a subject I care about, and I think it’s important to be well-informed. 

It’s a little bit dated now, admittedly, but the information is presented clearly, and the limitations of the data are well thought out. Finkelhor has evidently devoted a lot of time and energy to studying this area, and the book contains insights into related fields. It’s easy to see how the field has evolved since the book’s publication, too; and you can’t help but think that Finkelhor must have had a large part in this. 

The man knows his stuff, and cares about it. That comes through to make an interesting read from something that otherwise could be either horribly distressing, or just full of statistics. 

A must-read for anyone working in child social care or related professions. 

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