Book Review: The Universe That Discovered Itself

John Barrow is one of my favourite authors. He quite literally changed my view of the universe when, as a teenager, I read The Book of Nothing and Theories of Everything. It was part of a phase which began with In Search of Schroedinger’s Cat by John Gribbin and carried on through Penrose, Gleick, Greene and others. To be honest, it’s a phase I’m still in. 

The Universe That Discovered Itself was excellently written, like all of Barrow’s work. I would say, though, that if you’ve read the Nothing and Everything books, you’ll probably find that most of the ideas in this one are slightly old news. I got the feeling that this was their predecessor; it’s a great introduction to the subject, and to Barrow’s views on life, but ultimately I’d recommend Nothing and Everything over the Universe. 

What a great phrase to be able to write, though. And you’re never going to feel like you’ve wasted any time by reading Barrow. The guy knows his stuff. 

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