Book Review: The Devils of Loudun

Usually, I’m sort of a half-fan of Huxley’s. I like his ideas, and the worlds he creates in his novels, but I’m not so sold on his style of writing. 

I bought The Devils of Loudun because… well, because any Huxley-shaped gap in my reading list is a bit shameful, right? But I couldn’t get along with it, perhaps because the subject matter didn’t really appeal (though, being a researcher in psychology of religion, it should). Perhaps it was that the style of writing was amplified by the book being set in the past – I tend to not like historical fiction. I have no idea why; I just seem to have some kind of internal prejudice against any book that’s set in the past. 

Anyway, I gave it to Husband, so we’ll see how he gets along with it – he’ll be a better judge than me, no doubt. I just didn’t really like it, but it’s Huxley, so it’s probably pretty good despite what I think. 

Have any of you read it? What do you think of it compared to his others? 

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