A Rural Affair dropped through my door just when life was at the busiest state it’d been in for a while. Normally, this means I’m happy to have an excuse to curl up with some chick lit in the bath at night, but I didn’t quite find this one gripping enough to make me want to do that. 

The plot is fairly straightforward: Poppy, a woman stuck in a boring and unfulfilling marriage, finds herself wishing her husband would die. One day, he does, by a freak accident involving a toilet, some ice, a plane and a bike ride. Instead of the normal guilt, though, Poppy finds herself relieved and sets about sorting out her life, in the course of which she discovers a secret about her husband that makes her fall apart completely. Gradually she pulls herself back together, but will she ever find love again? 

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Of course she will. Because it’s one of those books. It’s by no means awful; I’ve certainly read far, far worse, but the story is just so predictable that I found myself thinking “Come on, just do X and then Y will happen” throughout most of the novel. 

I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re really bored. Maybe as some kind of holiday novel though, I suppose. 

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