I went through my Vegan & Vegetarian boards on Pinterest the other day and decided to combine a few of the recipes there to make something new and exciting. Pretty much the only reason I can’t bring myself to be vegan is because I’m French, therefore cheese. 

This was relatively simple and didn’t take very long. It got a bit fiddly, but that probably could have been avoided by chopping the grapes into half-grapes, instead of leaving them whole to race around the kitchen like tiny round hyperactive puppies. 

I never was very good at similes. 

Recipe after the jump

– aubergine
– halloumi
– soy sauce 
– shiitake mushrooms
– gorgonzola
– red grapes 

– slice and grill the aubergine 
– slice the halloumi, put it on the aubergine, carry on grilling
– while that’s happening, chop the mushrooms and fry them in soy sauce 
– once they’re fried, put them on top of the halloumi
– layer on some red grapes and add little smidgens of gorgonzola (or loads if you love it) 

Grill until the cheese looks melty, then serve on a wooden board, because it looks pretty. 

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