Last week I took a day off from work to chill out. Unsure what I was going to do, I was really happy when the postman knocked on my door at 7am with three packages. One of them was The Love Child by Amanda Brookfield. 

The book focuses on Janine and Dougie, an estranged couple, and their teenage daughter Stevie, who spends her life doing typical sixteen-year-old things: having tantrums, smoking, flirting with danger. Between them, Stevie’s parents must navigate the difficult period between childhood and adulthood without messing their child up too much in the process. 

Dougie’s group of friends have always been there to help him out, especially his best friend Simon, who has put more effort than most into helping recovering alcoholic Dougie back onto his feet. But when the friends spend a weekend together at a Spanish villa, things get complicated and the delicate circle of trust built up between them is in danger of being destroyed. 

It was a good novel, on the whole. I knew what would happen at every turn, and there were no massive twists or surprises, but it was a nice easy read, perfect for relaxing in the bath with a glass of wine and some pudding, which is exactly how I read it. 

A sweet, touching story with relatable characters and a strong sense of relationships; definitely recommended if you’re looking for something untaxing to kick back with after a long day. 

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