Review – Before She Dies by Mary Burton

Ice queen Charlotte Wellington is a successful attorney who’s carrying on a no-strings-attached relationship with local detective Daniel Rokov. Predictably, however, there’s a reason why Charlotte’s so emotionally unavailable: she has a dark secret, and she’s afraid of the consequences if it comes out. But now women are dying, being drowned by a merciless killer and tattooed with the word “witch” after death. And when a member of her own family seems like she might be in danger, Charlotte feels like she has no choice but to step in. 

It’s a fairly predictable storyline: girl meets boy, girl is icy and distant, people are being murdered, girl wants to protect secretive past and current reputation. 

It’s nicely written though, an easy read – I spent an hour or so in the bath with it and found that it flowed quite easily. I guessed the big reveal long before it happened, but it was still satisfying, and Charlotte is a well-rounded, fairly complex character who provides the backbone of an ultimately good book. 

Worth a read if you happen upon a copy.  

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