I wish I’d read this book a year ago. In setting up my own business and going freelance, I’ve made pretty much all the mistakes Caan lays out in its pages. And perhaps if I’d read it last October, my business would be further along by now. Or maybe I’d have decided to just do what I was going to do anyway, and make all of the mistakes regardless. 

I’ll never know. But it was an encouraging read, not least because it reminded me of the truth of this little image, which pops into my head every time I think that this whole working for myself thing is a total drag and completely not worth it (which isn’t true, of course): 

If you’re thinking about starting your own business – or even if that’s just something you quite like the idea of doing at some point in the future – I’d highly recommend reading it and taking it all on board before you start. The advice is excellent, which is unsurprising, really, considering that it’s written by one of the foremost business moguls of our times. Still, I’m a bit cynical at the best of times, and I didn’t have high expectations. I was proven wrong. Definitely worth a look for any budding entrepreneurs out there.  

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