Book Review: Beautiful Day


The blurb for this one promised yet another run-of-the-mill romance:

Rachel is looking for her beautiful day. She’s worried about everything: being a good mother, money and starting a new job.

Philip is a lost soul in the world and he could do with a friend.

They are just about to meet and when they do everything will change. Rachel and Philip don’t know it yet, but they each have what the other needs. They can save one another, and not in the way you might expect.

This is a story about finding happiness and love in all their forms. And how sometimes you can find them in the most unlikely of places…

…but actually, this book was lovely. And not all about romance, but about all the types of love you can feel for another person, and how people can touch your life in the most unexpected of ways.

The characterisation is very strong; it’s easy to sympathise with Rachel, who’s trying so hard to hold everything together and look like it’s all OK, whilst dealing with the breakup of her marriage and juggling kids and jobs and god knows what else. There are several characters that could be superficial but aren’t: the ex-husband and his pretty new lady; the kids who are simultaneously loveable and irritating; the guy from work who doesn’t seem like Rachel’s type at first…

Kate Anthony has a way with words that will transport you into the characters’ worlds. Beautiful Day is a touching story of people who find each other and learn to see each other for who they really are.


Beautiful Day is published by Penguin/Michael Joseph and is available to buy in both paperback and ebook form from the 10th of April 2014. 

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