Book Review – Lovestruck


Jake and Rosie fell in love fast. Before they knew it they were married with kids, and happily living in a cramped flat in London. All the while Jake struggled to make it as an actor – waiting for that big, lucky break.

When he gets it – courtesy of his agent, Christy, who also happens to be Rosie’s best friend – everything changes. Suddenly Jake is hardly there, working hard, always in demand – a rising star.

But as fame and fortune reveal a side to Jake that Rosie’s not sure she likes, she begins to wonder just how well she knows the man she married. And soon enough she’s questioning how far she can trust the woman always at his side – her best friend Christy…

A not good, not bad, just bang-on average romance novel from Julia Llewellyn, Lovestruck explores the concept of money and how it doesn’t really make life better, even if it makes paying the rent easier. It looks at how friendships change over time, and how hard it can be to overcome our own prejudices and get to know the people around us, even if their lives are wildly different from what we’ve always known.

If you’re into romance novels, this is probably quite a good one. It’s not a straightforward boy-meets-girl, more of a ‘two adults come to understand one another’, which provides a nice break from lots of the other chick lit out there. But it’s not particularly exciting and it won’t leave you crying, or laughing, or having any kind of feeling other than that you’ve unobjectionably passed a couple of hours reading.

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