I Feel Like I’ve Been On A Train For Days

This week has felt quite busy, but actually that’s mainly just been because I’ve spent most of it on public transport. What is it that makes sitting on a train for three hours feel so tiring, anyway?

My week started out in London, packing my bag with forensics stuff and saris for wassanayata. I spent the early part of the week working on blogger outreach projects; we’ve got some really cool stuff going on over at Tint at the moment, including:


Promoting the Globe’s summer series of shows. There are £5 standing tickets available, which I didn’t know about before we started the project and which makes theatre genuinely affordable for everyone.

We have tickets available for King John on the 4th of June; if you’re a blogger, and you’d be interested in going along and writing about the Globe, let me know.

Memphis the Musical, which is absolutely phenomenal. Probably my favourite thing I’ve ever seen on stage. Believe it or not, we have blogger review tickets available for this too (I can’t quite believe my luck that we landed this campaign!). Interested? Let me know.

We’re also still running a campaign for 2 Degrees Festival; the campaign ends on Sunday, so if you’re interested in coming along to the opening night, email me ASAP! It’s a really cool series of arts events that look at climate change, capitalism and the future of humanity. So really, you have to love it.

As well as that, our exhibition with Gitoon & UCH is still going on; you can see it until the 3rd of June. It features works by international artists and is nice and eclectic (just how we like it!), with loads of different media & styles represented.

Odille by Camilla Barrett
Odille by Camilla Barrett

I had an exciting call later in the week about a tutoring/guest lecturing opportunity. Amazingly, instead of jumping straight in with both feet as soon as I felt enthusiastic (which is what usually happens), I said “I’d rather just take a guest lecturing slot right now, I don’t want to overcommit myself.”

It’s almost as if I’ve become a bit sensible.

The latter part of the week was spent in Middlesbrough at TDFCon. I live-tweeted the conference, which took place at Teesside University, on the @ForensicFocus Twitter account.

When I got there, this happened. Not for the first time, either.

This was our most popular tweet from the day; unsurprising, really, considering how huge a part big data is playing in all the conferences I’m going to this year.

After that it was time to go to Scotland to see my grandparents and aunt. My aunt and I have always been very similar, but I haven’t seen her in ten years so I wasn’t sure if anything would have changed. It hadn’t. We’re still practically the same person.

On Saturday night I took myself out for dinner, which was very nice. The menus were very Scottish.

haggis pakora

While I was walking back to my hotel, I walked past a pub and heard live music going on. If there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s good live music. I went in and found this guy performing solo, and somehow managing to totally slay it.

The next day I went for brunch with my aunt and we discovered even more things we had in common. Mainly, these included stuff like being antisocial and not understanding why anyone would want to have a baby.

She’s awesome.

And then it was time for more travelling, down the country to Lancashire this time, where I’m training someone for work before getting on a train tonight and going to the next place.

I can’t even remember where I am, let alone where I’m supposed to be.

But it’s fun.

Stuff I’ve written elsewhere:

An overview of a study that examines the personality profiles of different types of sexual offenders.

An interview with Eoghan Casey, founding partner of CASEITE and all-round king of digital forensics.

An overview of the Forensics Europe & Counter Terror Expos, which I went to last month.

Five blogs you should read if you’re thinking about moving to China, Brazil or Argentina.

Until next time…


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