I love Neil Diamond.

There, I said it.

I once admitted this in the not-so-nice neighbourhood I grew up in, and quickly discovered it’s not necessarily the kind of thing that gains you instant street cred.

Not caring what people think, though?

That makes you pretty cool. Or that’s what I tell myself, anyway đŸ˜‰

So. What have I been up to this week?

It kicked off with a bank holiday, which means absolutely nothing chez scar because I work weekends anyway. Luckily I love what I do, so this doesn’t matter too much.

The majority of this week has been taken up with a Facebook project for one of my clients. He has 90 groups, all of which need to be moderated by people, and I’ve set up a crack team to do just that. The team need to be trained and managed remotely, though, and that’s my job.

Other things that happened this week included the ongoing blogger outreach campaigns for Memphis the Musical, Shakespeare’s Globe, Hampstead Theatre, the RA and Two Degrees Festival. We also got a couple of other campaigns signed off, and I’m going to have to think quite carefully about how to structure all this moving forward if we’re going to keep getting so many campaigns through.

I was unusually sociable this week, going out three whole times.

On Wednesday I went for drinks with some old colleagues. On Thursday I met up with a friend and went to a vegan Thai place, then on to a theatre bar which was nice and quiet.

On Friday I went to see Dylan Moran at the Hammersmith Apollo. A few weeks ago, I woke up one morning and discovered that at some point during my sleep I’d booked a ticket to see him. So Awake Scar followed Asleep Scar’s directions and went along. It was good, of course. Dylan Moran is amazing.


I then went home and did some final pieces of urgent work before getting two hours’ sleep in anticipation of hopping on a plane the following morning.

I really love planes.

Before this, I’d only ever flown for about an hour though, so I didn’t know if the happiness would be shattered by an eleven-hour flight.

It wasn’t. I still love it.

Plus, I landed in Myrtle Beach, which is enough to make anyone happy.


It’s beautiful here. I have a fairly dingy motel room which at least feels authentic, but the pool makes up for everything.


And the beach. OMG. Seriously, it’s so beautiful.

It’s incredibly hot here, although apparently nowhere near as hot as it gets in summer. A guy I met yesterday actually said he wasn’t sure if it was “hot enough to swim in the ocean” yet. I went down to the ocean later that night and the water was warm.

Does that ever happen in the UK?

So Saturday was mainly spent flying, landing, travelling to my motel, unpacking, trying not to die in the heat.

Sunday was the first day of TSFIC, the digital forensics conference which is why I’m here.

I knew I loved it when I walked into the main hall and found Locutus.


And then I wandered out onto the balcony and looked at the view, and thought I might want to stay here forever.


I also got completely lost at 6am today while I was looking for a bus stop. Eventually I had to give up and throw myself on the mercy of a nearby hotel owner, who kindly called me a cab and managed to get me to my destination.

I quickly discovered that there’s no point wearing make-up because it melts off your face within about five minutes. The humidity is so high that it feels like the heat is physically wrapping around you.

Somehow, I don’t care.

Which is surprising, because just before I left London I was sleeping with all my windows wide open because it was too hot for me (I can’t help it, I grew up in Scotland).

I actually quite like the humidity though. I definitely prefer it to the dry heat we (occasionally) get in the UK. It’s like it envelops you so completely that there’s no point even trying to cool down; you just have to go with it.

In summary: I’m in South Carolina and I’m loving it.

I’m staying here for the whole of next week too, and hopefully I’ll still be loving it by the time I get to writing the next round-up.

Until next time.



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