Life & Goals Recap

I just read this post on Tremendous Times about how to reset your life and your goals, and it inspired me to answer the questions and do a recap of how the year is going so far. Considering that we’re now halfway through, it seems appropriate.

I have this friend with whom I sit down once a year, in December or January, usually over cocktails, and make resolutions. We then save the resolutions somewhere. At the end of the year, we meet for a recap. She brings out her resolutions and goes over them. By this point, I’ve usually lost the piece of paper on which I wrote mine, so I try (and fail) to remember them.

This year we saved them in Google Drive. I think.

Anyway, I thought it’d be fun to do a kind of mid-year round-up, especially since someone else had already written the questions for me.

So without further ado: scar’s midyear recap.

In 2015 so far…

1) What were you focusing on? Where did your energy go?

A lot of my energy went on the things that are happening with my house. In December I moved into a new place, which is a very pretty listed building. Perhaps predictably, it’s now falling down. A lot of my energy has been taken up with dealing with builders, making long phone calls to landlords, and taking advice from property lawyers.

Work-wise, a lot of my focus went on stressing about not having enough work, especially during the first three months. It was a dry patch client-wise, and I don’t like those. Especially when I’ve just moved into a falling-down house.

2) What were your successes?

I went to DFRWS in Dublin, to cover the conference for a forensics magazine and to network generally. It went really well.

One of my clients in particular has been very happy with a lot of things and is offering more work. They are also my favourite client. This is good.

3) What were your failures?

I’ve had a couple of PR campaigns not go so well. Sometimes that happens, especially when you’re inviting people to an event and some decide not to show up. But it’s still a bummer.

Weirdly, timekeeping hasn’t been a great strength this year, despite it having been in my top 5 best personal qualities for pretty much my entire life. I’m not sure why this is, although I suspect it may have something to do with (a) the house falling down and (b) the amount of travelling I’ve been doing and the lack of internet in some of the places.

4) What goals have you accomplished?

Managed my finances better.

Been to South Carolina.

Travelled more.

Frequently done more things when I thought of them (case in point: this blog post) and not just written them down on a sheet of paper, to be kept in the purgatory of to-do-list-land for eternity.

Been better at sticking to schedules.

5) What do you wish you had done but didn’t?

The second night I was in Myrtle Beach, there was a beautiful full moon hanging over the ocean. I went down and took a picture so I could Instagram it, then I went back to my motel room. Standing on the balcony (which had a view of both ocean and moon), I debated whether to walk back across the road to the beach and go swimming in the ocean under the moonlight. I decided instead that I was tired, that there would be other opportunities, and I went to bed. There weren’t other opportunities (on that trip, at least) and I wish I’d done it.

Spent less money. I’ve been better at this than I have in previous years, but I’m still trying to spend less. I don’t mean I go on mad shopping sprees all the time. I just mean I have no money, so managing it is hard.

Done more physical exercise. This started out well but then I kept injuring myself. I need to sort that out.

Sorted out the parts of my work which are causing me unnecessary stress.

6) What were your proudest moments?

Doing a good job at DFRWS.

And when Europol tweeted the thing I wrote:

7) What have you learned about yourself?

Quite a lot, actually. It’s been a year of learning.

I do better with a routine.

I actually prefer eating ‘clean’ to eating pizza, but I’m probably not cut out to be fully vegan, because fish.

I like drinking alcohol more than I thought I did, and find it harder to resist than I expected (my doctor told me to stop, because I’m allergic to it and it makes me ill).

I really love South Carolina and could genuinely see myself living there.

I really love travel in general, much more than I would have expected.

There is one part of my work that I don’t actually like, despite thinking I probably would, and not being bad at it.

I enjoy playing the ukulele almost as much as I enjoy playing the piano.


And when I wrote my reverse bucket list I realised that a lot of the things on it involved physical exercise, which I probably prize more highly than I’d previously believed.

8) What do you think you could improve?

I need to get good at time management again. Having been good at this in the past, I’m hoping it won’t be a problem.

Money management. It’s getting better, but it needs to keep growing.

A couple of work-related things.

So, that’s my mid-year recap.

What’s yours?

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