You know that thing I do where I say I’m all confused and don’t know what day it is? Yeah, that again.

This week has been a strange mixture of satisfying and irritating.

Satisfying, because I’m finally doing work I love, pretty much exclusively.

Irritating, because I want to do it all and I don’t have time, and even though I’m a lot less of a perfectionist than I used to be, it’s still one of my character traits and I still have to battle with it a bit.

My main job this week has been writing. I posted a while ago about how eight-year-old scar would be ecstatic if she realised what I was doing with my life, and this week solidified that. I spent it telling people to send me books so I could be paid to read them – PAID TO READ BOOKS, my childhood dream – and then researching and writing things about forensics and being an expat.

Which was a lot of fun.

We also increased a client’s Pinterest following more than tenfold this year. That’s exciting. When we started out, the Expat Focus account was at just under thirty followers. Now it’s at 315 and climbing. Also, it’s beautiful and you should be following it.

On Wednesday I had a call with my favourite client. He said he had more work for me (this is becoming a bit of a theme. I approve.)

“I have this project, but I think it’ll take a while and I don’t want to give you too much to do”, he said.
“Gimme gimme!” I replied (or something a bit more professional.)
“OK, but don’t burn yourself out.”
“Don’t be ridiculous.”

I logged off Skype with a smile on my face and immediately started working on the project.

Then I got carried away, worked on it for too many hours straight, got too little sleep, drank too much Red Bull, and made myself ill.

Will I never learn?

Apparently not.

On Friday I had to stay in anyway – the decorator arrived to paint some of the study. This means that work on it has now almost  been completed; all I need to do is buy and install some flooring.

I say “all” – that’s probably the most expensive and difficult bit. But once it’s done it’ll be wonderful.

By Saturday morning I’d had to take so much codeine just to stay upright that I was seeing the world through a slight haze. I decided all the same to go along to a London summer market, which was actually quite fun. There were giant fairies, and I videoed them so I could make sure it wasn’t just the codeine making me see them.

When I got home I told myself not to take any more codeine and instead curled up in bed with my latest love.

That 70s show

I have a bit of a problem with Netflix. Or maybe not a problem, maybe more of a fun hobby that occasionally takes over my life.

I have a bit of an addictive personality, see.

And whilst I don’t smoke or gamble or drink excessively, I do sometimes work myself into the ground or spend four days straight streaming something on Netflix because I can’t possibly do anything else until I’ve watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE EVER.

That 70s Show has a lot of episodes though, and I’m actually doing quite well at not being an idiot about watching it. But last night I was feeling ill, which of course means you’re allowed to slump in front of the TV (or in my case, the tablet) and veg out for a while.

Plus, it has the best quotes from Kelso:

“Your soul is like an appendix, I don’t even use it.”

I made another new schedule, because last week’s obviously didn’t work quite so well.

I’m getting better at working with myself rather than working myself down into hell, and I tried to create something that would play along with my “I must work aaaallll day” side without making myself ill in the process.

From tomorrow, the schedule starts. Let’s see what happens. Technically it’s also a portable schedule, by which I mean it should also work well when I’m travelling.

Hopefully it will.

Today I’ve mainly been cleaning my flat and marvelling at the amount of hair my cat manages to shed in a ten-minute interval.

Also I just glanced at the word count and this happened, which amused me.

Edit Post ‹ scar — WordPress 2015-06-28 13-53-59Now I need to stop typing and go to the supermarket before it closes to get some guacamole to go with the nachos I bought for dinner.

Stuff I wrote elsewhere

A post about a really interesting research project about cyberbullying that’s recently been done at Stanford Uni.

Thinking of moving to India, Iceland or Ecuador? Click the country names for five recommended blogs for you to read before you arrive.

A recap of TSFIC, the forensics conference I went to in South Carolina a couple of weeks ago.

This week I read

We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous and the Global Cyber Insurgency by Parmy Olson

Just the one book this week. It was really good, though. A very interesting history of Anonymous and how some bits of it were overexaggerated, and how most of it has been widely misunderstood.

Next week I’m contractually obliged to read a lot of books for work.

What a terrible job I have.


Until next time.


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