Barcelona’s Nighttime Mountain Castle Cinema

Barcelona’s Nighttime Mountain Castle Cinema.

What a brilliant collection of words that is.

On Tuesday night, after a day of getting frustrated with forensic software that Just. Wouldn’t Boot., I went along to Barcelona’s Montjuïc Castle to watch some open-air cinema.

Castell de Montjuïc

Castell de Montjuïc sits at the top of a mountain over 170 feet above sea level. The views across the city, and the sunset over the mountains opposite, were absolutely breathtaking.

Nothing else quite compares to a sunset from a Barcelona mountain
Nothing else quite compares to a sunset from a Barcelona mountain

We arrived at the stop for the free shuttle bus up the mountain and were momentarily daunted by the size of the queue. This was obviously a popular event, which was hardly surprising considering what it included: a bus ride up a mountain, spectacular views over the city, a band playing jazzy interpretations of various popular songs and then an open-air showing of American Hustle with Spanish subtitles. And all for the small sum of €6.

IMG_20150713_205049The beautiful building in the background is the Font Màgica de Montjuïc or ‘Magic Fountain of Montjuïc’, which is lit up at night with light displays that turn the water all different colours. I haven’t seen the display yet but I’m planning to take a trip there at some point if I can.

The evening light in Barcelona is beautiful, and the architecture complements it perfectly. The sunlight bounces off the buildings as you walk around, making you feel like you’re walking through a painting.

IMG_20150713_205058When we got to the top of the mountain we saw the group of people stretched out on the grass outside the castle, some on deck chairs and others on picnic blankets.

A couple of food stalls stood at one end of the field, selling options for all dietary requirements including potato wedges with vegan salsa dips.


They showed American Hustle, which I’d seen before but was happy to see again. The sound projection was excellent, but I have a terrible sense of hearing, so I was pleased that there were Spanish subtitles. My spoken Spanish is awful (even worse than I thought, as I discovered when I tried to talk to people here), but I can understand it when it’s written down.

Plus, Jennifer Lawrence. Woop.

tumblr_n0hir5UTU41rzexpso1_500The sky was a little cloudy, but I can imagine that on a clearer day the stars up there would be spectacular.

Once the film was over we walked around the front of the castle to catch the buses back down the mountain.

IMG_20150714_003334The castle is open during the day for guided tours, and information about future arts events can be found on their website. It’s an evening I’d highly recommend – the trip up the mountain itself is beautiful, and I could easily have just sat with a picnic watching the view.

Have you been to any open air cinema events in your city? What did you think?

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