And now I’m going back to bed

This week I’ve mainly been based in London, with a couple of trips elsewhere.

On Tuesday I went to the Roundhouse in Camden. I’d previously only thought of it as a gig venue, where I saw Amanda Palmer perform her Daily Mail Song and more recently saw Neutral Milk Hotel and sang along in the audience to King of Carrot Flowers. (I commented to my friend at the time that it’s probably one of the very few occasions when you’d get a load of people of all sort of religious/non-religious beliefs yelling “I LOVE YOU JESUS CHRIST” across a room.)

Anyway, as well as being a gig venue, Roundhouse also run various programmes for young people aged 11-25. There’s a whole load of different ones and they all sound interesting, but I was there to talk to the 18-25s about bloggers: both being one, and working with them.

For five years I worked at an advertising agency, which I joined in order to set up their blogger network, and of course nowadays I have Tint, my blogger PR agency, aka Life #3. I’ve also had quite a few blogs over the years, and I think I’m as much a study in what not to do when blogging as what to do, but they say you learn from your mistakes, so hopefully the young people learned something from mine (and from the things I’ve gotten right occasionally).

On Wednesday evening I was about to sign off when an urgent piece of transcription came through – a webinar for a forensics client. I spent about four hours on it and then went to bed.

Thursday was especially fun.

Once a year, I meet up with my old school librarians for a “Librarians’ Lunch”. While I was at high school I worked in the library most days throughout my five years there (I was incredibly cool), and although one of them no longer works there we still all keep in touch. Thursday was our lunch date this year, and it was good to catch up with them.

I also discovered that one of the librarians has a rock star nephew based in Vegas, where I’m heading for work next year, so I might see if I can go see their band while I’m out there.

One of the librarians then drove me to Worthing, a town on the Sussex coast where the Italian contingent of my family live. I didn’t see them but I did manage to catch up with my friend Hannah, whom I haven’t seen in about two years. We spent a couple of hours chatting over Italian food (at Pomodoro Mozzarella, which I highly recommend) and promised to be better at staying in touch.

On Friday I had a couple of calls with potential clients and may have lined up a bit more work for Tint, which is always useful. Then I got one of those migraines that stops you from being able to see, so I went to lie in a dark room for the rest of the day.

I hadn’t quite decided what to do with my weekend, but Friday evening ended with an impromptu invitation to Oxford to catch up with a few friends there, so off I went on Saturday afternoon to hang out with my Oxford crew.

We all chilled out and caught up over a bbq in a friend’s garden, and I marvelled at how quickly my other friend’s children were growing (the baby-toddler-small child stage passes really fast!), then I headed back to another friend’s house and spent the night sleeping sporadically on his studio floor.

Today’s been a bit of a write-off. I went into Oxford to wander around – I used to live there, but haven’t been into the centre for ages – which was nice, but I was so exhausted after only getting a few hours’ interrupted sleep that I came home quite early and spent the afternoon doing not very much at all.

In a minute I’m going to give up and go to bed, I think. Try to catch up on all the required sleep before next week rises up and hits me in the face.

Have a good one! 🙂

Until next time.


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