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I caught the travel bug pretty late. As a kid I never went on holiday (yes, I mean that literally) and I only got a passport a couple of years ago. I finally got one because I needed to go to Amsterdam for a forensics conference, but as soon as I got on a plane for the first time I was hooked.

I love everything about travelling, from deciding what to pack, to taking off in a plane, to exploring new places.

These days I’m a digital nomad, which basically means I never know what time it is or which language I’m supposed to be speaking. As a digital forensics person, most of the work I do happens online, so I can work from anywhere that has an internet connection.

So I have a particular interest in reading about visiting/living in other places, and about running an efficient business.

Recently I’ve reviewed a few books for Expat Focus on the subject of travelling, being an expat, and business efficiency in various countries.

Foreigner in Charge by Padraig O’Sullivan

This should be required reading for anyone who’s planning a move abroad for professional reasons. The book focuses primarily on Australia as a destination, and there are subsequent versions planned for Singapore and Hong Kong. I’ve never lived in Australia, but I have managed various teams, and I’d say that the advice contained in the book is useful for anyone who’s new to management, regardless of where they are in the world.

Read the full review at ExpatFocus.com

Read an interview with Padraig O’Sullivan at ExpatFocus.com

Just Go! Leave the Treadmill for a World of Adventure by Skip & Gabi Yetter

I loved this book because it backed up my own world view. You want something? Grab it. Can’t grab it yet? Work towards grabbing it in the future. Featuring the story of the Yetters’ move from the US to Cambodia – the good, the bad and the ugly – as well as loads of case studies from expats from all different backgrounds, it’s the perfect read for anyone who’s been considering making the leap to expat life but needs a final kick in the ass.

Read the full review at ExpatFocus.com

The Devil Wears Clogs by Jennifer Burge

A true story that reads like a novel, what I liked most about this one was its level of honesty. Jennifer doesn’t shy away from telling the reader exactly what she thought of each of the Western European countries she ended up in – and that includes all the things she disliked. Perfect for American expats who are moving to Europe and aren’t sure what to expect.

Read the full review at ExpatFocus.com

Read an interview with Jennifer Burge at ExpatFocus.com

The Expats by Chris Pavone

A novel that makes this list because of its pertinent content, The Expats tells the story of a CIA agent who gives up her job to move to Luxembourg with her husband and children. Once there, she’s startled by the challenges she faces in her new home and finds it harder than she expected to adjust to life as a full-time stay-at-home mum. Even if you’re not a parent and have never worked for an intelligence agency (lol), you’ll no doubt find this book infinitely relatable as an expat, especially if your spouse’s job prompted the move.

Read the full review at ExpatFocus.com


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