The Spiderbeast Saga And Other Stories

This week was largely taken up with pitches and client calls. I’m not sure if we’ll win the pitches, but I hope so. They’re all quite interesting and I’d like a chance to get my Italian translators a bit of extra work – things have been quiet on the freelance translation front over the summer.

On Monday we had a bit of a Situation, which I have named ‘The Spiderbeast Saga’. You can read all about it here. These are the highlights:

I also spent a lot of time this week researching a blog project for one of my clients. It was quite fun – I don’t get to do as much blog reading as I’d like to now that I don’t work in digital marketing anymore, and it was nice to catch up on the blogosphere.

Probably my favourite part of the week was reading through some FBI files on a fascinating case involving the use of high-end technology in an alleged kidnapping in the USA. (The files were publicly released, don’t worry, I’m not just giving away federal secrets.) One of the most intriguing things about it was that the way in which the technological solutions were used meant it was very difficult for the agents to tell whether the kidnapping had actually happened, or whether it had been staged.

Times like that, I love my job.

The latter part of the week was actually quite chilled – catching up on stuff I needed to do, nothing major going on, which was nice. I also did some experimenting in the kitchen.

On Saturday I picked up the latest book in the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series (called ‘The Girl In The Spider’s Web’, which I found amusing in light of Spidergate this week). I haven’t quite finished it yet, but it’s really good. I think I actually prefer it to the ones that were written by Stieg Larsson, but I’ll no doubt write a longer post about this at some point so I won’t go on about it here.

The rest of Saturday turned out a bit weird, and for various reasons on Saturday night I didn’t get the required amount of sleep, so Sunday afternoon was largely spent ranting at my BFF over cups of herbal tea in Yumchaa. Our weekend tea trips seem to be turning into a thing, which is very nice. I then walked home, breaking up the journey with an hour of sitting by the Serpentine in a deck chair, which was fun if a bit cold.

Oh, and my boiler broke again. They said it was “high priority” and that they’d call me back within 48 hours, 96 hours ago.

Interesting things around the internet this week

Here’s some brain bleeding JavaScript obfuscation, which for some reason I find quite pretty

A new study finds that men are more likely than women to engage in self-citation

Things like this make me proud to have grown up in Scotland

AT&T are injecting ads in places where ads shouldn’t be

The UK government is offering £300,000 for digital forensics solutions

This is frankly brilliant:

This article sums up why it pisses me off when people get prissy about swearing

A good Medium article about how working ridiculous hours won’t actually help you to be more productive

Psychology studies are less reproducible than we’d hoped

This is important:

Until next time.



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