I have been to Birmingham and now I am convinced that our alien overlords walk among us.

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I went to Birmingham, but it wasn’t what I found.

I was probably expecting a huge industrial estate – not so much because of Birmingham itself, but because I always seem to end up working/training/staying in them.

I didn’t end up in an industrial estate.

I possibly ended up on another planet, though. Or at least in the place where the aliens have congregated and built things to make themselves feel at home, while they gather their strength and prepare to take over the world.

I mean really. If New Street station isn’t actually the inside of an alien’s stomach, I don’t know what is.

Birmingham New Street

It’s even worse at night, when New Street Alien’s blinking eye watches you as you walk towards the station:

Birmingham New Street

And the station isn’t the only building that’s secretly the exoskeleton of one of our alien overlords. I’m not sure what this building is, but I’m pretty sure that’s a feeding tube with humans being willingly eaten:

Om nom nom, huuuuumaaannnnsssss

It’s not all futuristic robotic architecture though.

Peeking around the back of this particular alien’s butt is a relatively unassuming-looking church.


When I got closer, I discovered it’s actually huge. And beautiful.

St Martin in the Bullring, Birmingham

St Martin in the Bullring stands on the site of the original parish church in Birmingham, which was first documented in 1263. It was originally built from red sandstone, but in 1873 was demolished and rebuilt on the same spot.

The stained glass windows are particularly beautiful.

St Martin in the Bullring, Birmingham St Martin in the Bullring, Birmingham St Martin in the Bullring, Birmingham

As I rounded the corner into the reflection area, I noticed an alien trying to break in through the window:

St Martin in the Bullring, Birmingham

No but really, aliens aside (or perhaps because of them), Birmingham was a pleasant surprise. An interesting, vibrant city with starkly contrasting architecture and a lot of cultural stuff going on. I wanted to visit the rag market and the library, but didn’t get chance as I was stuck in work all day.

Next time, maybe. If our alien overlords haven’t taken over by then.


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