Weekly Round-Ups


You know when you get back from travelling and you feel all grimy?

That’s been the overarching feeling in the past week.

I was in Barcelona on Monday. On Tuesday I flew to Madrid, then to London on Tuesday night. On Wednesday I packed all my crap up again, and by Thursday was in Birmingham. Then back to London on Friday, at which point I had so little energy that I collapsed straight into bed and slept for a lot of hours.

I’ve finally washed off the debris of travel, although I feel like I might need several more baths today before I’m convinced that I’m actually home and clean.

So what was I doing in all these far-flung places?

In Barcelona I had an eight-hour business meeting. There are some big changes coming soon. Watch this space!

I then had a two-hour business call with a client. By the time I got off Skype I was so tired of thinking that I jumped at the chance to head to a local bar with my friend and relax with a glass of wine.


Madrid was a layover that ended up being longer than it should have been, because the plane was delayed. But I got some work done in the airport (yes, I do mean “updated my Spotify playlists”) so that was fine.

Church with bull, Birmingham
Church with bull, Birmingham

Birmingham was a strange place filled with aliens masquerading as buildings. I was there for a forensics event, which was quite interesting – it was one of those that covered all aspects of forensics, not just digital. I love them, because I find bioforensics fascinating. Even if the ads they play get a bit creepy:

By the time I got off the train in London, I was so tired I couldn’t walk in a straight line. I must have looked drunk, but it was actually just the cumulative effect of two weeks in which I averaged about three hours’ sleep per night.

On Friday I worked on a few of the more urgent projects I’m currently doing, and sent some client reports, and other thrilling things like that.

I have no idea what happened to Saturday. It slipped by without me noticing. I do know that I started watching Mr. Robot, after it’d been recommended as something that wasn’t too unrealistic in terms of what he does on computers. I agree, it’s good. I need to watch more of it.

And then Sunday was devoted to catching up with people, which was very pleasant.

In the morning I had a call from a friend, we made arrangements to see each other next weekend. Then I went to Yumchaa to catch up with Umit, and predictably we ended up spending several hours chatting, drinking tea, eating Thai food and wandering around central London. In the evening I had a six-hour-forty-four-minute-long Skype call with another friend, which was excellent. It reminded me of being a teenager and spending hours sitting in the kitchen, back to the door, landline cable coiled around my hand, setting the world to rights.

I went to bed at 3 and woke up at 11 for the fourth time this week. My body clock is, frankly, fucked. But I’m going to try to reset it – I have too much to do this week to be unproductive.

Wish me luck!

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