As well as doing – and writing about – forensics, I also write for an expat website. This might seem a little strange, because I’m not one, but I am a ‘digital nomad’ and a person who grew up surrounded by cultures that weren’t the culture of the country I was living in. So I’ve always felt a little like an expat even if I’m not.

Plus, the culture shock of moving from Shittown, Glasgow to Sleepy English Village definitely counts IMO.

And I have extensive experience with finding a place to live in London, having rented six places here over the years.

So I wrote a guide about how to find your first place to live in London if you’re an expat. It includes a tentative peek at the horrific price of renting here, and also a few tips about finding a community of people from your home country, to ease up on the homesickness.

Interested? You can read it over on Expat Focus.

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