The big news of last week is:

My boiler is finally fixed!

This is very exciting. It’d been broken since last December. They managed to briefly fix it about a month ago, but the fix lasted two days before it broke again.

So far this time, we’re on four days and counting. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Of course, being the weird Scotland-raised person I am, I only started sleeping with the windows closed a few weeks ago, and I’m still too hot at night, so I won’t really need the boiler for another few weeks probably, but it’s good to be able to have a shower with hot water.

Other than that, my week was really full, but full of admin and work and investigations, and not really full of any stand-out bloggable things.

There are some big changes coming with my PR company over the next few days, which are taking time and attention.

I’ve found everything I’m going to use to decorate the house and budgeted most of it into this month’s budget.

I spent some time working on this strange puzzle, which caught the attention of Reddit, tech blogs and a few of us who hang out in IRC rooms a lot. It’s now reached a point where most of us have decided the code’s too obscured to crack, although perhaps that’s not the case. Have a go, see what you find. Don’t look at the spectogram decodings if you’re squeamish.

Here’s the video:

On Saturday I went for the customary Yumchaa visit with my BFF, but both of us were tired and flagging so we gave up on shopping afterwards and went home.

Where I got into bed at quarter past five in the evening and immediately fell asleep.

Apparently I really needed the sleep. I don’t know what’s wrong with me at the moment, it’s like my body wants to be in bed most of the time. I’m just going along with it.

Yesterday I pulled up some carpet and sorted out some stuff in the study, which is the first room I’ll be renovating. Tonight the old carpet gets thrown out in preparation for the beautiful flooring that should arrive at some point this week.

Flooring samples, business admin and going to bed early.

I’m officially a Real Adult.

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