Well, it’s all change here.


I’m finally making some progress on the flat. It now has a working boiler, two working extractor fans (kitchen and bathroom), and I’ve found the flooring I want for the bathroom and study. The bathroom floor is being installed this week. I’ve ordered some furniture, whcih should be arriving sometime soon.

All I need to do now is go around the edges of the study pulling up the carpet tack strips, and then I’m ready to install everything that shows up.

So last week was largely buying and arranging for all that.

I’m also closing my PR company. It’s part of a series of changes that will hopefully streamline the way I work and make it easier to manage everything, from finance to insurance and all the thrilling business admin bits in between.

♫ turn and face the change ♫
♫ turn and face the change ♫

I’m creating a proper office within my house, by dividing off a part of the living room, and hopefully that’ll make it easier to keep everything business-related in one place, rather than having notes and computers and wires and equipment strewn around armchairs and desks and beds.

I guess it’s not so much changing as streamlining, really. It feels different from changes I’ve made before, which have seemed like I was desperately trying to run away from something, or towards something else. This time the choices I’m making seem more considered. Quieter, somehow.

But you can never have too many Bowie-inspired gifs.


On Saturday night I did another change-related thing and threw a party. I’m not really a party person – or much of a people person, for that matter – and I hate dressing up. So naturally I had a costume party for Hallowe’en.

I’ll be honest, I was slightly dreading it, and the closer it came the more I freaked out at my friend on IM: “But I hate parties! I don’t like having people in my house oh GOD what have I done?!”

But it was really fun. Only a few people showed up in the end, which was probably a good thing, and we drank wine and played games and listened to a spooky playlist, and then some people went home and I did tarot readings for the other people.

The theme was “Inspirations”. We had an Avril, a Jeremy Corbyn, a Sean of the Dead, a Chinese tourist, and me. I’d been deliberating about my costume choice for ages. It was kind of interesting actually; I realised that if I dressed up as any of my first three choices (Lisbeth Salander, Stargirl or Kinsey Millhone) I’d essentially be dressing up as myself. So then I thought about going as Garcia from Criminal Minds, but she’s not what I’d call my inspiration.

So I turned to musical inspirations instead, and briefly considered Amanda Palmer but didn’t have any stripey leggings. So instead I went as Siouxsie, which was my parents’ second choice of name for me.


So, how was your Hallowe’en?

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