Work on my bathroom has finally finished, and my aunt has a killing machine in her bedroom. So, how’s your week been?


Waaay back in February, my bathroom floor fell into my downstairs neighbour’s bedroom. It’s a long and utterly ridiculous saga, the full text of which I’ll save for another time, but suffice to say that in the ensuing months I’ve been gradually getting work done at a painfully slow pace.

Now it’s finally all complete. I have a bathroom with a full suite, a floor, four walls, hot water from the newly-fixed boiler, and even a dressing table and an airer.

Look at it though it has WALLS and FLOORS and stuff
Look at it though it has WALLS and FLOORS and stuff

So that’s very exciting.

Renovations are coming along nicely and there are various items arriving, disappearing and being rearranged this week.

Last Monday I went along to the Women In Security dinner, which was a lot of fun. We went to Giotto’s near Holborn, which I recommend. I had the salmon. It was very good, if a bit drowned in rich cream.

You see, I get this fish thing about once a month, around the same time as other women are usually craving chocolate. My body’s a bit weird.

So on Tuesday when I went for dinner with Umit, I decided to order several seafood starters instead of an actual meal. But my excuse was that I was scouting the place out for a planned charity bash later in the year, so that’s fine, right?

The rest of the week was all work. Lots of things gradually being tied up, a couple of new opportunities I’m scoping for potential future projects.

Not that I exactly have masses of time on my hands as it is. But I could be doing more.

On Saturday I spent all day DIY-ing: fixing the broken toilet, putting together a ladder, pulling things down from a little cupboard above my study.

On Sunday morning I got on a train to Edinburgh, then another train to Glasgow, then another train to a little place that’s slightly further out of the way, where some of my family live. I went to say hello to my grandparents – doing the annual winter visit before they get snowed in – and then my mother and I went back to my aunt’s house where I’m staying for the next couple of days.

My aunt is fantastic and a total badass. She lives in the middle of nowhere and is pretty much entirely self-sustaining. She has a bunch of dogs, who live outside and are trained to help her hunt for food. She picks the rest of her food from hedgerows and fields, and preserves it.

I know all this, and admire her self-sufficiency. But it was still a little creepy to go into the bedroom and find the dead-thing-grinding-machine.

I mean doesn't this just look like something out of a horror movie to you? I'm just waiting for it to come to life and attack me.
I mean doesn’t this just look like something out of a horror movie to you? I’m just waiting for it to come to life and attack me.

Aside from the grinder it’s all good though. There’s a nice open fire and a beautiful view over the rolling Scottish hills, which I might climb later. At night you can actually see the stars. Loads of them! They’re all sparkly! We don’t have that in London.

Right now I’m holed up with a bottle of wine and a stash of DVDs, and I plan to take full advantage of both before I head home tomorrow morning.

So, how was your week?

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