FAO Email Subscribers: Have a Newsletter Instead {Fewer Emails, More Streamlined}

Hello everyone 🙂

This is one of those admin posts that I have to write because I’m changing a few things.

Firstly, you might have noticed that the overall number of posts has increased. This is likely to continue, because I’m trying to post about a variety of things, which means that between 5-7 posts per week will be the norm.

However, I know that people’s inboxes get stacked up pretty quickly and that you could probably do without having a post every single day, especially if you follow the blog for something specific, like travel, forensics or music.

So I’ve set up a newsletter mailing list. Once a month, there will be a round-up which will be split into sections.

>>> Click here to subscribe to the newsletter <<< 

This means you still won’t miss the posts you actually want to see, but you also won’t have to read things you’re not interested in. Because that’s not so fun.

If you’re already a subscriber then you’ll receive these by default. There’s an ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of each email if you decide you don’t want them.

And of course, if you want to stay subscribed to every post, that’s also fine!

Any questions, hit me up.


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