This week has been more productive than any in recent memory. Any when I’ve been at home, anyway.

Since the freelance thing really took off, I’ve had this tendency to either work days that aren’t very long at all (when I’m at home), or days that last for twenty-one hours or more (when I’m abroad). It’s fun, because I like a mixture, but I’ve been missing working hard when I’m at home.

Last week, without knowing quite how, I seemed to reclaim my mojo.

In reality, what this has meant is that I’ve done a lot of sitting at my desk and not a lot that’s very interesting to report on.

On Wednesday I went along to a Samaritans event in London, which was held in the place where it all began: St. Stephen’s Church. Despite the name, the Samaritans aren’t a religious charity, but they were started by a vicar (probably explaining the name).

The central London branch used to live in the church, but then moved to a Soho location several years later, where it still is today. For a variety of reasons, the central London branch is now seeing a decrease in funding from the main Samaritans kitty, which means they need to raise a load more money than in previous years.

Interested in donating? Watch this space. I’m working with one of my clients on a few things that will be happening over the next couple of months to raise money. If you don’t want to wait for news, head over to the Samaritans’ website and find out about ways you can help.

More work was done on the flat this week, and a couple of things have been specced out but not completed yet.

I found a new damp patch on the floor of the study, which they’re coming to look at next week, and also discovered that the radiators in the bathroom and living room don’t work properly.

Oh! And how could I forget?!

I got hamsters. Accidentally.

When I texted my BFF with the news, he pointed out that I’ve previously done all sorts of things accidentally, including getting engaged and a neuroscience master’s.

So really, accidental hamsters aren’t all that surprising.

Their names are Icheb and Mezoti and they’re really tiny and very cute.

Icheb (the darker one) and Mezoti (the shy one)
Icheb (the darker one) and Mezoti (the shy one)

I finally met up with the girls for the first time in several months. It was good to catch up over burgers, wine and sweet potato fries. We ranted about men, discussed the various big news items that are happening in the world, talked about how massive news institutions only exacerbate problems, and then headed to a bar for follow-up cocktails.

Sunday was spent hanging out with my BFF in my living room, and drilling holes in a cupboard in preparation for a loft ladder that’s going up shortly. At some point I’ll do a before and after post – or perhaps a series – of the whole flat and you’ll see just how crazy it’s all been, and how much it’s finally coming together.

Things I’ve been doing online

Top tweet of the week: 

(I should really get those finished.)

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Interesting things on the internet last week

“The only way to move forward and to recover is in solidarity as one people who won’t be terrorised.” – Ashley Powys

Vegetarian and vegan travel doesn’t have to be hard; take a look at The Vegan Word’s essential guide to travelling as a vegan.

Is there another person living inside you? Probably.

Meet Chip, the $9 pocket computer.

Looking for a full chart of useful physics formulae? Look no further.

Yesandyes’ two-step plan for getting whatever you want.

So, how’s your week been?

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